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Flagpole Truck Assemblies

Flagpole Truck Assemblies | Flagpole Pulley Systems

We carry a full line of replacement flag pole truck assemblies and flag pole pulley systems.  We offer truck assemblies for external halyard flag poles, internal halyard rope flag poles and internal halyard cable flag poles.  We offer replacement flag pole truck assemblies from all manufacturers.  If you do not see flag pole truck assembly you need, please call us.  We can find it for you. 

  • Cap Style Pole Top Truck Adapters

    Cap Style Pole Top Truck Adapters

    Cap Style Pole Top Adapters These pole top adapters are used to create external halyard revolving flag pole systems from existing stationary flag pole systems.  These pole top adapters are the perfect option for repairing flag poles with damaged...

    $65.00 - $120.00
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  • Pole Top Caps

    Pole Top Caps

    2" and 2 1/2" Pole Top Caps Made of cast aluminum, these flag pole top caps slip over the top of a pole with a 2" or 2-1/2" outside diameter and can receive a flag pole ornament with a 1/2"-13NC threaded rod.   We can also supplies these flag pole...

    $21.00 - $26.00
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  • Pulley and Eye Bolt

    Pulley and Eye Bolt Assemblies

    Flagpole Pulley and Eye Bolt AssembliesIncludes hex nut, washer and lock washer DELUXE STAINLESS STEEL ASSEMBLY: Overall Length: 4-1/8"Thread Length: 2-3/8"Bolt Threading: 5/16"-18NC  STANDARD ZINC ASSEMBLY: Overall Length: 3-1/8"Thread...

    $8.80 - $21.50
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  • Threaded Pole Top Plug

    Threaded Pole Top Plugs

    Threaded Pole Top Plugs These threaded flagpole top plugs screw into the top of flag poles with a 1-1/4" NPT thread and allows for the installation of flagpole ornaments.  The pole top plugs can receive a 1/2"-13NC or a 5/8"-11NC spindle thread.

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