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External Halyard Truck Assemblies

External Halyard Truck Assemblies

External halyard trucks sit at the top of each external halyard flagpole, providing an exposed pulley and rope system for raising and lowering the flag.  Cap Design Trucks install over the top of the flagpole shaft and are secured to the pole with anchoring set screws or bolts. Spindle Mounted Trucks have a threaded spindle which is installed into a female fitting welded into the top of the flagpole. Stationary Trucks are fixed and will not rotate with the wind. Revolving Trucks  rotate the flag with the wind.

All trucks are designed to accept Ball Finials, Eagles and any other specialty finials like the the Texas Star or the Cross Ornament. Standard Spindle Threading is 1-1/4″ NPT (1″ NPT and 1-1/2″ NPT Spindles available upon request).  We can also provide trucks to accept a 5/8" stem ornament.  Please call us for this configuration.

If you do not see the external halyard flag pole truck assembly you need, please call us.  We can find it for you.