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Counter weights


Counterweights are required with Internal Halyard Flagpole Systems to assist in the lowering of flags. They also ensure the flag hangs and flies properly in winds by keeping the flag taught and up against the flag pole. Three sizes allow the proper choice of counterweight based on wind zone and flag size flown.  Multiple weights can be added by the use of connecting links.

  • Flagpole weights

    Flagpole Counterweights

    3.5lb, 7lb and 14lb Flagpole Counterweights - CW35, CW7, CW14 These flag pole counterweights are fabricated from 2" diameter steel and them coated with colored plastisol.  The 3-1/2 pound flag pole counterweights are supplied with one eyebolt...

    $56.00 - $90.00
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  • Concord American Flagpole Counterweights

    3.5lb, 6.5lb and 14lb Flagpole Counterweights from Concord American These steel flag pole counterweights have a thick colored plastic coating and two stainless steel attachment points. The end of the cable assembly/flag arrangement...

    $65.00 - $118.00
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