Single Mast Nautical Flagpole

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Single Mast Nautical Flagpole
External Single Revolving With Yardarm Rope Halyard

The Nautical Single Mast Series flagpoles from Concord American Flagpole incorporates a single shaft and yardarm in mounting heights from 25’ to 80’. While most popular in coastal and marine settings, the multiple halyard design is the perfect option when a multiple flag design is desired. The addition of an optional Gaff increases design possibilities.

NOTE:  Gaff option available upon request.

Single Mast Nautical Flag PolesStandard Components:
• Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
• Cast Aluminum Single Revolving Truck Assembly with Aluminum Pulley
• Two (2) Eye Hook mounted Single Pulleys on Yardarm
• Complete External Halyard Assembly
– Three (3) Rope Halyards – 5/16″ #10 Polyester
– Six (6) Stainless Steel Swivel Flagsnaps
– Six (6) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers
• Three (3) 9″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Cleats
• Spun Aluminum FC-11 Flash Collar
• Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike
Standard Upgrades – 10″ and 12″ Butt Diameters
• Heavy-Duty Truck with Dual SEALED Bearing Assemblies
• Three (3) Rope Halyards – Heavy-Duty 3/8″ #12 Polyester
• Six (6) Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Flagsnaps with Covers
• Heavy-Duty 5/8″ Ball Stem
• Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Collar

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