INDEPENDENCE SERIES - IRW Internal Winch - Wire Halyard

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Independence Series – Flush Reinforced Door Frame
Internal With Winch – Wire Halyard
The Independence Series flagpoles from Concord American Flagpole is the perfect option when your job calls for a commercial grade flagpole with a heavy-duty internal halyard winch and wire cable system.  Concord Independence flag poles come in heights of 20′ thru 80′.  The reinforced welded door frame of the independence flagpole delivers superior strength, combining security with superior lockable flush mount door.  Independence Flagpoles are engineered with an inset reinforced aluminum door frame welded into the precision cut door opening.  The efficiency of this design produces maximum strength-to-size ratios while providing a smooth, flush fitting door, making Independence IRW flagpoles the ideal choice.


Standard Components
• Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
• Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with Dual SEALED Stainless Steel Bearing Assemblies, Aluminum Spindle, Cast Brass Exit Bushing and Removable Hood
• Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
– Wire Halyard Cable Assembly
– Flag Arrangement (8′ x 12′ and Larger Flags Include Heavy-Duty Shock Spring Assembly)
– Two (2) Stainless Steel Swivel Flagsnaps
– Two (2) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers
– Patented, Plastic Coated Counterweight
– Beaded Retainer Ring Assembly
• Stainless Steel Winch Assembly with Removable Hand Crank
• Flush Reinforced Door Frame with Lock and Keys
• Spun Aluminum FC-11 Flash Collar
• Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike 

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