Internal Cable Flagpole Truck Assemblies

Revolving truck assemblies generally consist of a truck body rotating on some form of a bearing configuration and a spindle assembly which is usually threaded to fit the top a threaded flagpole shaft. While there is no formal industry standard for thread size, the most commonly used format is the National Pipe Thread (NPT).  The most common spindle size is 1 1/4" NPT while 1"NPT and 1 1/2" NPT can also be found. Threads that are cut in an NPT format are measured and expressed differently than National Coarse (NC) or National Fine (NF) threads. When determining the proper thread for a flag pole spindle assembly, the following approximate dimensions for measuring across the bottom of the spindle should help determine the NPT size to be ordered. As a reminder, pipe threads are tapered but this should be close enough for size determination.  Unless otherwise stated, all Revolving Truck Assemblies we offer come standard with an 1 1/4" NPT spindle.  Should you need a different threaded spindle size, contact our Customer Service Department at 877-598-3524 for pricing and availability.