Deluxe Double Arm Double Sided Avenue Banner Mounting Sets

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Deluxe Double Arm Avenue Banner Mounting Sets - Eder Brand DCA Mounting Set

These avenue banner sets are without a doubt the best product on the market.  Very strong and durable.  The DCA mounting set is design for use with avenue banners that have pole pockets on top and bottom.

  • 2 Cast Aluminum Mounting Brackets with Stainless Steel Set Bolts
  • 4 Stainless Steel Mounting Straps
  • (2) 1-1/2 Outside Diameter Aluminum Avenue Banner Crossbars with a Clear Anodized Finish
  • 4 White or 4 Black End Caps (White is shipped if not specified)
  • Ideal for Round Poles

NOTE: For square poles we highly recommend using 4 U-Bolts.

DCA18 | DCA24 | DCA30 | DCA36

PLEASE CALL FOR QUANTITY PRICING.  Price breaks at 13-24, 25-49 and 50+