Flagpole Installation and Repair Services

Ameritex Flag and Flagpole offers complete flagpole sales, installation and repair services in San Antonio TX.  Select a Flagpole from our inventory and we will install it for you.  Did you buy a flagpole from someone else and need it installed?  No problem, give us a call and we can quote installing it for you.


Alamo Stadium - San Antonio Independent School District
2 - 45ft x 8in External Halyard 
Fire Station 31
1 - 30ft x 6in Internal Cable Flagpole 
Holiday Inn
2 - 8ft x 4in Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpoles
Resurrection Cemetery
1 - 40ft x 8in Internal Rope Flagpole
5 - 30ft x 6in External Rope Flagpoles
Residential Flagpole Installation
1 - 30ft x 6in Internal Rope Flagpole 
Gunn Chevrolet
2 - 60ft x 10" Internal Cable Flagpoles