US Government Specified G-SPEC Flags

U.S. Government Specified American Flags 100% Made in the USA
G-Spec™ items are made in accordance with DDD-F-416F and U.S. Code, Title 4. The G-Spec™ line of flag products are identical to those specified and used by the U.S. Government. 

Features include:
• Exclusive Perma-Nyl® high-tenacity, industrial strength 70 denier lightweight nylon
• Lock-stitched seams, material and color matched thread
• BEST™ 2-ply, mercerized cotton bunting
• Heavy canvas duck heading constructed to government specifications
• #2 rolled rim, solid brass, toothed grommets
• Official government size (1:1.9) hoist to fly ratio

The basic design of the current flag is specified by 4 U.S.C.


  • Hoist (height) of the flag: A = 1.0
  • Fly (width) of the flag: B = 1.9[36]
  • Hoist (height) of the canton (“union”): C = 0.5385 (A × 7/13, spanning seven stripes)
  • Fly (width) of the canton: D = 0.76 (B × 2/5, two-fifths of the flag width)
  • E = F = 0.0538 (C/10, One-tenth of the height of the canton)
  • G = H = 0.0633 (D/12, One twelfth of the width of the canton)
  • Diameter of star: K = 0.0616 (L × 4/5, four-fifths of the stripe width, the calculation only gives 0.0616 if L is first rounded to 0.077)
  • Width of stripe: L = 0.0769 (A/13, One thirteenth of the flag height)