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Eder Flag Outrigger Wall Mounted

Eder Flag Manufacturing Wall Mounted Outrigger Flagpoles and Brackets

8ft to 20ft Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpoles by Eder Flag are available in base diameters from 2 3/8" to 3 1/2".  Our aluminum external halyard outrigger flagpoles are an excellent choice for locations where there is inadequate room for a ground mounted flagpole system.  A bracket mounts to the outside wall and is bolted through the wall, the cleat is mounted below the bracket to allow the raising and lowering of the flag.  Our outrigger wall mounted flagpoles come with 3 different style brackets in a 45 degree angle and a 60 degree angle.


Eder Flag Models: ECO, ECOM, ECOST & ECOS