Foundation Sleeves

Ground Sleeves – Corrugated Steel 
Corrugated Steel with Steel Lightning Spike
Two-Piece Design

Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeves with Steel Lightning Spike are designed for use in Ground Set flagpole installations.  The 2-piece design contains an top section made of galvanized 16-gauge corrugated steel tube.  Welded to it is a steel base plate, with steel centering wedges in the base to assist in plumbing  of the flagpole.  The bottom section has a threaded 3/4″ diameter steel grounding spike with 6″ x 6″ steel setting plate.  This allows the concrete to pour around the entire foundation sleeve.  Ground Sleeves for flagpoles up to 75′ can be shipped via UPS and Fed Ex, providing significant savings over frieght.

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  • Steel Flag Pole Foundation Sleeves

    Steel Flag Pole Foundation Sleeves

    Ground Sleeves – Corrugated Steel Corrugated Steel with Steel Lightning SpikeTwo-Piece Design   5" Butt Diameter Flagpoles"A" - 10% of Exposed Height"B" - Sleeve Diameter = 8""C" - Base Plate "C" = 10" 6-7" Butt Diameter...

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