Blade Banner Flags

 Custom Made Blade Style Advertising Flag  

Blade Style Advertising Flags for Sale

Built to sustain the most temperamental weather element, our flags are engineered for the long haul. We pride ourselves in pushing the typical life expectancy of each flag.

Equipped with the best top of the line cutting and sewing machines. The amount of care and detail poured into your flag is second to none.

Our Nylon and Evertex® materials were selected after years of experience and testing over many other industry high quality textiles. The very best materials chosen for your flags.

Our premium grade hardware have been built and tested to sustain the vigorous every day-to-day use that flags go through.

SPECIAL NOTE: All products in this category are custom designed and made.  All custom products in this category MUST be paid for before production can begin.  You may go ahead and purchase these prodcuts from our website and our production team will reach out to you for receipt of artwork (If Available), design assitance and proof assistance.  If it is determined, prior to actual production, that our custom flag process will not work for you, you will receive a full refund on the cost of the flag and any purchased hardware associated with this product.  Other charges like design assistance, proofs in excess of 3 and artwork vertorizing will incur additional charges.  You will be notified before any additional charges are incured.  Design assistance, vectorizing assistance and charges for proofs in excess of 3 WILL NOT be refunded.